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Bjorn Michaelsen

Dune TV is proudly associated with Bjorn Michaelsen and the Insane Racing Team hailing out of Norway. Bjorn has become much like family to us as we enter our 3rd year of affiliation. We found Bjorn in the channel pages of You Tube looking for Formula Off Road videos. Bjorn’s talents are exceptional for his age and for the You Tube environment. We were unaware of his youth when we first contacted him. In 2011 at the age of 16, Bjorn came to the U.S. and spent Memorial weekend with us at the Dunes. The resulting relationship from that first visit has blossomed into a new internet titan in the making as we have both grown substantially. In short Bjorn has dazzeled the world with talents covering Formula Off Road events in Scandinavia as his father, Martin Michaelsen, competes for the title in the unlimited class of Formula Off Road finishing 2nd in his second year. Both Michaelsen’s are cut of the same cloth as they strive for excellence in their endeavors and their efforts show. Bjorn intends to visit with us once again for 2013 making this his 3rd stay here at the dune with Dune TV.


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